They gave me the answers, the good feeling & the confidence I needed in a time I did not realize. They put their conscience & human mindset before business. I just started working with the Freedom Academy but I’m stoked to continue this path.
Williams filipe
Rap Artist
They get the best out of yourself and motivate you. I have learned many things that have helped me in my personal development and further life. When people used to ask how I see myself in 5 years, I had a hard time answering. They urged me to take time to think about this further. Now I can give a clear answer.
Jietse Goes
Arno is not only there as a coach behind you, but also as a friend! Realness is hard to find but with Arno this is never to be missed!! Thanks for the insights you have given me, lets grow!!!!
Rezan Zurel
Before I started the coaching I felt like I was stuck and lost myself and my capital in the chaos of my life. My work took me over as a person, so I acted with my eyes closed.⁣ ⁣During the trajectory, we realized 400% in revenue growth.
Casper nelissen
Thanks to the Freedom Academy, I finally became the person I always wanted to be. Thanks to their direct approach, we tackled my obstacles at the root. This makes me feel like a better person and good in my own skin.
aubry van de walle
In my professional life I became super insecure due to a childhood trauma, to the point that I did not dare to use the yard toilets. Thanks to the Freedom Academy, I outgrew my toxic job and co-workers and run my own business.
mathias vervecken
My life was full of childhood traumas.⁣ I no longer had a vision and could not go through my days without worries.⁣ That is why I started with the Freedom Academy and in this way I got rid of all traumas.⁣⁣ My confidence exploded.
I already had the engine I was only looking for the accelerator pedal, and I found it with the help of Arno, together you look where you are and where you want to go, then you form norms and values ​​and you work on your daily routine, where I used to get a lot of information on youtube, Arno provided a transformation instead.
storm uijens
Arno is a very inspiring person who, based on his knowledge and experience, really takes you to the next level so that you learn to approach your life in a better way with a mind that is evolved to to so.
Ken reusens
Fitness Coach